The Busting Bureaucracy Hackathon

Phase 3: Ideas for Busting Bureaucracy (Part 1)

Radically expand the scope of employee autonomy

The organisational system must make individuals accountable for the assets and liabilities of their operation- luckily such a mechanism exists in the traditional business system and that is the Balance Sheet- a document where all the assets and liabilities are expressed.

Every individual must have a Balance Sheet applied...

By Julian Wilson on June 12, 2022

Teach everyone the same process for planning and problem solving so everyone has a common basis for communicating. This helps build trust among people which is necessary for others to accept the autonomy of each.

By Graham Douglas on June 11, 2022

Change the federal government funding model

By timothy dibble on June 11, 2022

An employee is only as autonomous as s/he feels s/he has complete control over her/his own schedule. Instead of bounding work by fixed time schedules (unless required by routinized work, which most management is not), follow the model of the professor. Allow a person to set their own schedule, and...

By Aaron Anderson on June 8, 2022

Federal Government: Trust is the biggest missing element of employee autonomy. Government cannot trust because one bad apple initiates a whole process of rules, regulations, requirements and reviews (the 4Rs) to make sure the problem can never happen again. To re-establish trust with the employees, the front line, the employer,...

By timothy dibble on June 1, 2022