Getting Performance Without Performance Management

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The need to have a substantial manner of flexibility

We, in our own inward capacity as human beings, have all it takes to manage our objectives where the interplay of control and output occupies a significant amount of compromise to get results. We often see this played by start-ups who hold all the work and succeed only by allowing specified exposures to circumvent barriers in order to succeed.

We have been brought up in an era that hangs greater weight on the impression that specialized task produces more excellent results, and so divisions and specializations has been carried down to all levels of trade and industry even in professions to the point where compromise and cooperation has become an off course that diminishes its intended outputs.  


First Steps (extra credit) 

That this type of human faculty when emulated, which is tactically open and arousing, has to have the kind of communication and data sharing delivered directly (not through the chain of command) and instantaneously to one and all. This also means that leadership’s focus must cultivate an environment to document this casual openness and elasticity so that before instituting something, it’s decision is broad, current and changeable when the need arises.   

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